casual reminder i moved.

positivelygifted has moved

I just cut my following number from 1200 to 400.

Mostly, i unfollowed blogs that haven’t been active in over 3 weeks.

It was a little… fall cleaning or whatever.

Anyways, I’m considering restarting this blog.

(I.E. archiving this account, starting brand new.)

RP anyone?

i has caroline’s daylight ring.

i also has damon’s. but dats going to marieeeeeee

dropping back off the face of the earth.

Do you know how hilarious it is to find out that people you looked up to, unfollowed? ahahaha. yeah.


You guys don’t get the right to make her feel like shit for noticing A SHITTON of similarities between the two verse blogs.

No. You don’t get to do that. Because fuck you and your friends, and all the rude comments coming at her. She was here first. I don’t see how she’s in the fucking wrong for being upset. YOU DON’T GET TO PRETEND LIKE YOU’RE FINE AND DANDY AND IN THE RIGHT.

fucking unfollow me. please. Before I rip your heads off. Because trust me, I’m NOT afraid to.

The fact that my girlfriend is being turned into this evil person because she was upset that a new verse EXTREMELY similar to hers appeared, is total and complete crap.

Especially when it was taken into the public eye when it shouldn’t have been. That’s about twenty fucking times crappier.

And this is me judging you.



"How could you let this happen?" He asked, trying to hide the anger boiling up within her. "Find them, and get them."


"I do not recall telling you ever that it was alright to give me orders " He quipped. He took a step forward and touched Marcel’s face. "And if I find them, it  will likely be with one through my chest."